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If you are arrested in Florida while here on vacation (or perhaps at a political convention), it may be possible to resolve your case without having to return to court. There are many ways we can make that happen. First, we will make every effort to convince the prosecutor not to file charges and drop the case without prosecution. Or, perhaps there is a Motion to Dismiss that can get the charges thrown out.

If charges are filed, you may eligible for a Pretrial Intervention (PTI) or a Diversion program which is like being on probation but will ultimately get the charge dismissed. PTI can be applied for and completed from your home state. As a local Tampa Bay attorney, we know how to qualify you for these programs.

And finally, if there is no other suitable solution, a Plea in Absentia can be handled by mail on many charges. Often in Florida, we can resolve the case with a Plea in Absentia that still avoids a conviction. We can negotiate acceptable conditions and prepare the required paperwork for your signature. We handle it all locally here in Florida without the expense of a return trip.

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