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legal_or_not_synthetic_marijuana_is_nothing_but_troubleRecently the state of Florida outlawed the sale of the chemicals marketed as "bath salts", designating them a Schedule 1 substance. They tried to ban synthetic marijuana products as well, but a simple change in the formula had them back on the shelves mere days after the law went into effect. As you might expect, someone has proposed a federal ban on synthetic drugs like these, and a bill that would do exactly that is making its way through Congress as we speak.

In the meantime, Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi has issued executive orders classifying certain types of synthetic marijuana as illegal. With the rapid changes in both the products themselves and the rules that govern them, it can be nearly impossible to keep up. But for the latest information on these bans, go to:

Florida Synthetic Drug Scheduling Actions

What does all of this mean for you?

As of this writing, it may be legal to possess certain types of synthetic marijuana. Possession of certain formulations sold online may or may not be legal in this state; sites rarely disclose the ingredients in their products, so you have no way of knowing. Given the murky nature of what’s being sold, as well as the ever-changing law, I highly recommend you stay away from the stuff.

However, none of the drugs commonly sold as bath salts are legal to possess. They currently have the same legal status as drugs like methamphetamine and cocaine.

If you are on probation, do NOT try any of these drugs. The newest urine tests screen for these drugs. If you are on probation and synthetic drugs, legal or not, are detected in your urine, you may find yourself in violation of your probation. This can lead to the revocation of your probation, heavy fines and even jail time.

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