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google_and_banks_provide_relief_from_mugshot_websites_blogIt appears that after prodding by the New York Times, Google has changed its search algorithm to give less importance to mugshot websites.

For approximately the last two years, the sites and have capitalized on Google's search algorithm to make mugshots appear at the top level of any inquiry by a person's name. Last week, Google changed their search algorithm and now these websites no longer populate the top position of search results.

Additionally, MasterCard has requested that its bank processors no longer handle payments to these websites. This may have the effect of cutting off the "financial oxygen" to these sites.

It remains to be seen whether these sites can adapt to Google's changing algorithm. It will also be interesting to see how these sites can revive their cash flow processes.

Where our legislation has failed to bring any relief, it appears that Google, for now, has provided some relief from mugshot publishing websites.

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