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Unfortunately, a local Sarasota man was attacked by a Shark while fishing, yes, fishing, something hundreds of St. Petersburg locals do every day. But according to PETA, he wasn’t fishing, he was murdering innocent animals, and they are on the offensive with a new print campaign.

As a Criminal Defense Attorney in St. Petersburg, FL, I defend our citizens every day to make sure our rights and personal liberties are not infringed upon. If you find yourself being sued by a Tarpon, Redfish, or even worse, a Bull Shark, please give me a call at 727-896-7000. Together we can work through this ordeal and get you back on the water practicing recreational activities Floridians have enjoyed for 100s of years.

Will this be the end of fishing, or is PETA going too far? As always, I’m glad to hear your thoughts on this subject. Follow me on Twitter @BruceDenson and join the conversation. #defendfishing

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