What’s Next?

Arrested? What’s next-

One of the worst parts of being arrested is not knowing what comes next.  This site, and a call to my office, can help relieve your anxiety by letting you know the process.  An arrest is just the start.  Click the tabs on the left to understand what will happen next in your case. Or give me a call to discuss your case now.  We have answers and solutions to your case.

Filing Decision

It is important to get an attorney involved early in your case.  It may be the most important action you can take now.  After your arrest your case is sent to the State Attorneys Office for prosecution.  Early intervention can prevent the filing of charges or perhaps a reduction in charges.  It is crucial to let the State know you are going to challenge the charges. Call us today to see if we can cut the prosecution short.

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The purpose of the Arraignment is to tell you what you are charged with, see if you are going to hire a lawyer and have you enter a plea.  Your appearance is MANDATORY but if you hire us before the Arraignment, you will not need to go to court for this hearing as we will take care of all of the above. Take the stress out of this first court date by hiring us early.


In Florida we have open discovery.  Everything the State has against you they must turn over to your attorney.  We will get all of the police reports, witness lists and evidence so we can fully defend your case.  We will interview witnesses, take depositions and leave no stone unturned in fighting for you. Call us to make sure your case is thoroughly investigated.


Pretrial hearings, sometimes called Disposition hearings, are the chance for us to meet with the prosecutors and the court to discuss your case.  Your appearance is mandatory unless we have made arrangements to waive your presence.  It is not unusual to have 2-5 Pretrial hearings while we work on resolving your case in your favor.  It is important that you are comfortable with the attorney you hire because you are going to be standing next to him in court. Call us today so we can build that relationship and your defense.


The process has started.  You need to take action now to make sure the resolution is the one that is best for your long-term interests and your immediate concerns.  We always make every effort to have the case dropped or dismissed.  If dismissal is impossible we look to resolve your charges without a conviction.  Your reputation and record are important to us.  There are a number of positive ways to resolve your case.  The best results start with early representation.  Call us now for an appointment to discuss putting this behind you.

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