Unfortunately, I had to obtain an attorney for being arrested for a DUI. I had an eye-to-eye free consultation with Bruce himself the day that I contacted him and he explained to me the process we’d go through if I chose him to represent me in this matter. Everything went just like he said it would. I had my DUI charges dropped to Reckless Driving and he was there every step of the way. Very professional, friendly, knowledgeable. Takes pride in his work and is very serious about what he does. I highly recommend him.

Alen K

DUI client

Bruce Denson is completely legit and valid. He is empathetic and will get the job for you. I am glad that I chose to do business with Attorney Denson. Thank you Attorney Denson!

W. Mae

Civil Rights client

Mr. Bruce Denson basically saved me from some possibly very bad consequences, his knowledge of DUI Law, his relationships with the local judges, and his overall calm and resolved professionalosm was able to get my charges reduced and/or eliminated. I highly recommend his services and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for his help.


Company Name

Bruce is a seasoned trial attorney and gifted advocate. His firm provides the highest level of legal services to his clients. He is respected in the local bar association and a community leader.

Charles G.

Foreclosure Defense and Consumer Lawyer

Bruce is on the top of his game. He is a real player. A class act who lives to win. This is what he did for me. I was in a God awful mess and Bruce straightened out my legal issues after a tedious back and forth with the State. I rode an emotional roller coaster while Bruce consoled me. This is something he was not obligated to do. The good and professional man he is, Bruce persevered on my behalf until the State relented. I will be glad to refer him anytime.

James I


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