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Today's Traffic News comes out of Pasco County, Florida, where school bus drivers are facing a ruling that they are not allowed to eat or drink while behind the wheel of a bus at any time. We've all been driving down the road or stuck in traffic and seen someone eating a fast food burger, but an occupational driver with long routes should have some leeway. To further support the position of your school bus driver is the fact that most modern buses are still not air-conditioned, so dehydration and fatigue could become a factor in the safe transportation of your child.

Now let us talk traffic. Is a dehydrated bus driver safe for our children on busy roads or small neighborhood roads? Are they supposed to pull off the road and step outside the bus for a swig of water? Is there going to be another School Board representative driving or following the buses giving tickets to the drivers? A little common sense could go a long way here.

As a traffic ticket defense attorney in St. Petersburg, I'd be glad to hear your thoughts on the subject. Follow my comments on Twitter @BruceDenson.

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