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Cruisin’ For A Bruce-in: How To Hire A Lawyer Part 3 - Hire An Experienced Lawyer

In Cruisin' For A Bruce-in, we ride along with Florida Attorney Bruce Denson as he gives brief explanations on Florida Law and what to do in common legal situations.


Experience is important. Yours is not the case you want someone learning how to practice criminal defense on. You want someone who has established themselves in the area where you are to defend you.

Now, I have over 20 years of practice here in Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay area, and that’s helpful because I’ve seen a case like yours in the past. I’ve worked with the prosecutors on your type of case, and I know the judges assigned to the different Criminal Court divisions here in Pinellas County.

So, hire a lawyer who knows those things, not who’s learning them for the first time. I know I’m a better lawyer now than I was three, five years into the practice, and that advantage can work for you. Now, prosecutors and judges are professional people. They’re not doing anybody any personal favors, but it does help to know them and how they like to resolve cases to resolve your case.

Further Thoughts

Getting results from a criminal case is about understanding how the courts in your area operate. That is something that can only come from experience. A lawyer who only just passed the bar isn’t going to know how the prosecutors in their area handle specific cases. They’re not going to have the experience necessary to recognize how certain judges like certain cases to be tried.

They’re not going to understand the prosecutorial history to know whether or not they can resolve the case out of trial or if they’re going to need to build a strong defense for a trial.

Having years of experience in a single local area gives a criminal defense attorney, and their clients, a massive advantage when taking on a case.

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