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Cruisin’ For a Bruce-in: The Clerk

In Cruisin’ For A Bruce-in, we ride along with Florida Attorney Bruce Denson as he gives brief explanations on Florida Law and what to do in common legal situations.


Here's everything you need to know about the clerk's office here in Pinellas County.

One: We've got a really great clerk's office. They're very professional and hardworking people. The clerk you see in the courtroom: They're in charge of taking the minutes in the court, making sure that what happens in the court is accurately transcribed into the court record, and they're working very hard and very fast to do that in the courtroom, so make sure you speak clearly when you're talking in the courtroom and don't interfere with what they're doing.

If you're in a position to seal or expunge your case, they can also give you the paperwork for that, or you can work with an attorney to get that done, but if you have any questions about the official court documents or your record, a great place to go is the clerk's office.

I recommend you go in person. The people at the counter are more than happy to help you out, and I think you'll find they're very friendly and can work to help you on any aspect of your criminal case that they're qualified to do.

Further Thoughts

The Clerk of the Court is an elected position and is the official keeper of the municipal records. Serving the Clerk of the Court are court clerks who are tasked with processing legal documents, scheduling cases and hearings, auditing files for accuracy, and ensuring that records are kept consistently.

When you need court record information, file court documents, or need to pay a court fee or fine, you do this with the Clerk’s office. The Clerk of the Court is an invaluable resource - so be sure to use their services to your advantage when you need to.

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