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Video Series: How To Talk To Cops, Part 4: Ask For Your Lawyer

Speaking with the police can be inevitable at times. While we all have our fifth amendment right to remain silent - in certain situations this can make issues much worse than they need to be. In this series, Bruce covers what you should and what you should and should not do when you've been pulled over by a police officer.

How To Talk To Cops, Part 4: Ask For Your Lawyer


Alright, part four on what to say to police officers. So, in the first couple of lessons we talked about you don't want to say too much, you don't want to admit to anything, you want to be nice and polite. But what do you do if things start to get sideways on you and it looks like you're gonna be arrested? Definitely, at that point, don't say anything else: don't admit to anything, don't deny anything. The only thing you really want to say is "I want to talk to my lawyer." That will end any questioning and we can then start from there to build a defense against the allegations against you.

Further Thoughts

When you're under arrest everything you say can, and likely will, be used against you in court. That being said - you can bring an end to any and all questions my informing your arresting officer that you would like to speak with your lawyer. A lawyers job is to protect your rights and upon telling the police you want to speak with your lawyer they are legally obligated to stop all questioning until your lawyer is present.

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