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Many First Time DUI Offenders do not realize that their case begins with the initial stop from a Police Officer. The entire legitimacy of the DUI case can hang on to this very act. There are very specific circumstances that must occur in order for a DUI stop to be legal in Florida. Laws are in place to protect you even before you've been pulled over.

Reasonable Suspicion or Probable Cause - The Belief that you have violated a traffic law. Running a red light, speeding, or destruction of property are some examples of "probable cause." Weaving in a lane, for example, is not reason enough to be pulled over and charged with a DUI.

Keep in mind that all evidence used in an officer's process of making a DUI stop is considered when making a final ruling or charge. Regardless of your state of being, if the officer had no clear evidence to pull you over, you have a case to fight against.

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