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I have always counseled my clients to hope for the best and plan for the worst. I’ve been thinking lately about how interconnected the ideas of hope, reality, and planning are. Hope, especially in times of crisis, is a necessity. We all need something to look forward to. But hope without reality creates false expectations. Hope is not a defense to criminal accusations. Hope will not avoid death or taxes. Hoping that a transaction will go smoothly will not make it so. Hope must factor in reality. The flip side of the coin is that reality without hope can be disappointing and discouraging. Reality consists of facts and often these are hard facts. Reality is we have laws and punishments. Reality is that people have to pay taxes and die. The reality is that transactions do not always go smoothly. Because of this, reality needs to include a plan. Planning connects hopes and reality.

Planning, especially legal planning, connects hopes and reality. We can sit down with clients and talk about the reality of the situation. We can discuss the law applicable to their situation, the facts surrounding their arrest, their estate plan, the obligations and implications of a transaction, and make a plan that contemplates the current realities. We can talk to clients about their hopes for the future. What they want to accomplish. How they want to put bad things behind them. How they want their future to look. And we plan for the best to give them hope for the future.

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