Traffic Tickets

Traffic Lawyer in St. Petersburg, FL

traffic ticket and citation lawyer in st petersburg fl
We focus on resolving traffic tickets in Pinellas County. And we want the process to be simple for you. If you received a ticket in Pinellas County, give us a call. We will review the citation with you and advise you of your options. Frequently our goal is to resolve your ticket without points on your license. We can often do this without a hearing and without the necessity of driving school. We can also represent drivers on cases where you want to have a hearing or need to have the case reduced or dismissed. We handle all types of traffic tickets, from speeding tickets to more serious infractions. We will work to protect your license from suspension and to keep your insurance rate down.

Give us a call with your citation number and we handle everything from there. Again, our goal is to make this as simple and painless on you, and your insurance rate, as possible. We limit our traffic ticket defense to Pinellas County because we feel that focus enables us to optimize our results for clients. Call us today at (727) 896-7000.