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What Is The Seatbelt Law in Florida?

In Florida, failure to wear your seatbelt is a primary offense and police can pull you over for breaking the law. If you are the driver, you are going to get a ticket even if it is one of your passengers in violation. So, who needs to be buckled?

Obviously, if you are the driver, you must have your seatbelt on at all times.

Also, anyone in the front passenger seat, “riding shotgun” as some people call it, must have their seatbelt on.

If the passenger is under 18 years old, they must have a seatbelt on anywhere in the car. (The seatbelt is optional for adults in the back seat.)

This is the law under Florida Statute 316.614.

And there are special rules as to young children and car seats. Florida Statute 316.613 says failure to secure children in a safety device will result in a moving violation and 3 points will be assessed against your driver’s license. You may elect to participate in a child restraint safety program and avoid the points associated with the violation and any fines associated with the penalties may we waived at the court’s discretion. 

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