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When you apply for a new insurance policy or renew your current policy, insurance companies will review your history to determine whether to continue to insure you or write a new policy. Insurance companies consider many factors, including primarily:

  • Traffic tickets and accidents
  • Model, Year, and Value of your vehicle
  • Miles driven
  • Gender and Age

If you are issued a citation for a traffic accident, you are at risk of being dropped by your insurance carrier or getting your rate raised. However, under Florida Law, your premium cannot be raised or canceled solely because you were involved in an accident unless you were "substantially at fault" in the accident. By hiring a lawyer and fighting your ticket, you may be able to avoid being found "substantially at fault" and cut off an effort to raise your rate or drop your coverage.

Also little known is that under Florida Law, your insurance company cannot hike your premium or terminate your policy unless you have been issued two tickets within an 18-month period, three or more tickets within a 36-month period, or you have been issued a citation for unlawful speed 15mph or more over the posted limit. But if you hire an attorney and have adjudication withheld, no points are assessed to your record, and those citations cannot be used against you by the insurance company.

That makes it important to fight every ticket because you never know when/if you are going to get another.

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