Permanent License Revocation For 4th DUI Is No Longer Permanent

  • September 6th, 2010
  • Bruce Denson
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Recent changes to Florida law make persons convicted of a 4th DUI eligible for a hardship license. This much needed relief for people who have changed their life. Previously, there was no possibility for such person to ever get ther license back.  Now, if you have received 4 DUI’s you must wait 10 years from the date of your permanent drivers license revocation to apply for a hardship license. Next year, that wait time will only be five years.

There will be several criteria to meet in order to qualify. If you do qualify, there will be restrictions to the license. While it is not been finally determined, it is expected that in order to receive a hardship license, you will need to complete DUI school, and stay drug and alcohol free. It is also likely that you will be required to have an ignition inter-lock device for a number of years.

Despite the criteria and conditions, this is great opportunity for someone to get their driving privilege reinstated. If you would like help in obtaining a hardship drivers license, please contact St. Petersburg DUI attorneyBruce Denson at 727-896-7000.

UPDATE 8/29/11: A user on AVVO recently asked, Do I need to retake the level II DUI class for my 4th DUI even though I completed it after my 3rd and it wasn’t part of my 4th DUI sentencing ?

A: If, as you state, it was not part of your sentence, you do not need to complete the class as part of probation. Your probation officer can clear this up for you.
After 5 years you may be eligible for a hardship license under a very difficult DMV supervision plan. In order to have a hardship license you will have to complete DUI Level II and navigate several other requirements by the DMV.