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Cruisin’ For a Bruce-in: Early Termination of Probation

In Cruisin’ For A Bruce-in, we ride along with Florida Attorney Bruce Denson as he gives brief explanations on Florida Law and what to do in common legal situations.


Here's everything you need to know about getting early termination of your probation.

If, as a part of your sentence, you were sentenced to probation, you have to do the entire term of that probation, including misdemeanor probation, unless the judge grants you early termination of the program.

Now, sometimes in announcing the sentence, they will tell you, or you can negotiate for automatic early termination of probation once you've got all the terms and conditions complete. That's great because you get everything done, and then probation is done and over, and you don't even have to go back to court, but otherwise, you're going to have to do the terms and conditions of probation, and then once those are complete you need to go back to court and ask for early termination of probation or petition for that. So, some judges will allow you to do that upon completion of the terms and conditions some of them will require that you do at least half of the term of probation. So, if you're put on probation for a year, you have to do at least six months of probation, but it's never a bad idea once you've got everything done to go ask because if the judge doesn't agree to terminate probation, you may convert it to non-reporting probation where you don't have to check in once a month, and that's going to save you some time and aggravation and money.

So, I always encourage people if you want to get early termination of probation: get a lawyer that can get you working on the terms and conditions before you even go on probation, and then be ready to get everything done and paid as soon as possible after being put on probation so you can set yourself up for early termination of probation as quickly as possible.

Further Thoughts

According to Florida Law, once you’ve completed the terms of your probation, you may be eligible for early termination. This means that all fees and fines must be paid, as well as classes and community service completed.

In order to terminate probation early, you need approval from a judge. According to Florida Statute 948.04(4), judges are required to grant early termination of probation or convert the probation to non-reporting administrative probation if probation is at least halfway through its term and all conditions are met.

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