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3 Things To Do In The 10 Days After Your DUI Arrest

First, take a moment and gather your thoughts. Don’t let your arrest overwhelm you. (I know this is easier said than done.) Likely, your two big questions can be boiled down to,

What happens next? and

What can I do about it?  

There are many steps, but there is a process, and the steps are manageable. Stay calm, especially if it is your first DUI arrest, because you will soon be making several important decisions.

Next, you need to make an immediate decision to request or waive a hearing with the DMV. You have only 10 DAYS from the day after your arrest request or waive a DMV hearing. If you do nothing, your license will be suspended. The decision to request or waive the hearing should be made only after consulting with a DUI attorney about the best course of action for you. This may be the most important decision you make in the defense of your case.

Third, be proactive.  Schedule a free consultation. Click here to schedule a call or meeting - . I will answer your questions about your license and the potential consequences you face. I will walk you through each step in the process, tell you what comes next, and explain how I can help you. Taking control of your case early may help avoid the State controlling your case later. There are things you can do now that will save you money, time, and potentially your license in the future. Here are a few other things you may want to consider and take action on,

  • Preserve evidence and gather witness information. You should make a note of what and when you ate and drank while it’s still fresh in your mind. Your alcohol level may have been lower at the time of driving than when tested.
  • Review the privacy settings on your social media accounts. Prosecutors may try to view your Facebook, Twitter, and online photo accounts.
  • Document your medical conditions or physical injuries. If you have any injuries, disorders, or medications that may have affected your ability to pass the field sobriety tests, you need to gather proof as soon as possible.

This process is likely to take longer than you anticipate. However, by starting early, we can get you on the right track and begin to put this behind you. The resolution of your case is too important to delay. Let us help.

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