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why_hire_a_lawyer_to_remove_mugshots_from_the_internet_blogThere are many websites offering mugshot removal services offering their services at very low rates. However, very few of these sites let you know who they are or where they’re located.

The only thing worse than having your mugshot on the Internet is getting ripped off by a scam website.

What A Mugshot Removal Lawyer Can Do For You
Hiring a lawyer to remove your mugshots from the Internet provides you with a level of confidence and confidentiality that unlicensed and unregulated websites can’t.

As your lawyer, we will

  • Inform you of your available options
  • Work with you to select the best solution to your problem
  • Avoid conflicts of interest, as we are ethically bound

You are assured we do not own or operate any mugshot website, giving you the confidence that we are working on your behalf.

Mugshot Confidential
Working with a lawyer also ensures that your information is kept confidential. This means that your information will not be transmitted or sold to any other mugshot website because any information disclosed to an attorney, with a few rare exceptions, is protected by an attorney-client privilege.

Working with an attorney also ensures that your efforts to remove the offending information from the Internet and kept confidential and not passed on to some other mugshot publication website that will gouge you later.

Keeping Your Best Interest In Mind
The old saying, “you get what you pay for,” is as true for this problem as it is for any other.

Hiring a lawyer ensures that you have an advocate that is obligated only to your best interest and not the interest of the mugshot publishing industry.

It also ensures that your information is kept confidential and not shared with other mugshot websites.

Our goal is single-minded - to get your mugshots off the Internet as soon as possible. So, contact us today to get started.

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