Florida Seatbelt Laws: What You Need to Know

  • September 13th, 2020
  • Bruce Denson
  • Comments Off on Florida Seatbelt Laws: What You Need to Know

In Cruisin’ For A Bruce-in, we ride along with Florida Attorney Bruce Denson as he gives brief explanations on Florida Law and what to do in common legal situations.


Alright, there’s been a lot of talk about some of these TikTok videos. Maybe a little bit too much talk. Got some haters out there, some doubters. But I want you to know, when I’m rolling, I’m rolling fully strapped. That’s right. Click it or ticket, people, Florida law. You’ve got to be driving with your seatbelt on. If you’re in the passenger seat, seatbelt on. If you’re under 18 years of age anywhere in the car, you’ve got to have your seatbelt on.

Further Thoughts

With 41 percent of Florida car accident fatality victims not wearing a seat belt, choosing to wear a seatbelt should be a no-brainer. However, to enforce this safety measure, Florida law requires all drivers and passengers (sitting in the front seat) of motor vehicles to wear a seatbelt, regardless of age. So, when you’re in the car, make the smart choice and buckle up.

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