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Cruisin’ For a Bruce-in: Probation

In Cruisin’ For A Bruce-in, we ride along with Florida Attorney Bruce Denson as he gives brief explanations on Florida Law and what to do in common legal situations.


Here's everything you need to know about probation.

If you're placed on probation as a condition of a sentence in a criminal case, you need to take that seriously, and that starts with the initial check-in.

So, you will go directly from the court to the probation office and get signed in make sure they've got all your information correct, all your contact information correct, your address, your phone number, and how to get a hold of you.

Make sure you have a good attitude when you check in. I know it's a rough time; it's difficult. But the only thing you can control is your attitude, and now is an important time to do it because you really need to get off on the right foot with the probation office and they're taking notes all along the way, and you know one thing to remember is you want to get off probation as soon as possible. So, the best way to get off probation as soon as possible is to make your probation officer happy. Make them think that you're a person that doesn't need to be on probation anymore and then has got the message. So, that starts with that first intake session there at the courthouse.

So, come ready to talk to them about any questions that they have. Answer everything in a truthful and straightforward manner and be ready to cooperate. They're going to know the terms of the sentences laid out by the court, and you need to be ready to start checking those boxes off.
In fact, if you can get a little bit ahead of it, and get some of that done before you even get to the probation office, that's a good way to make your probation officer really happy.

As an attorney, we often help people with that and get them started on the conditions of probation before they're ever even put on probation and sometimes we can get probation down to as short as a day, for some folks but the reality is you're going to have to do probably half of the term of probation at a minimum and before considering early term but you want to get that probation meeting off on a great foot from the get-go with the probation officer by being friendly and cooperative and ready to answer all their questions.

Further Thoughts

According to Florida Law, 12 months of probation is mandatory after a DUI charge. This will require that you report to a probation officer, who is tasked with helping you understand the terms of your probation and ensure that you complete them. You are required to pay a monthly fee for this service.

Every month, you’re required to provide the probation officer proof of completion of the terms of probation, such as completing community service hours or paying your fines. If you keep up with the terms of your probation, you can be released from probation.

However, if you don’t finish probation or if you are arrested while on probation, you will violate probation, which will result in another criminal charge. Because of this: It’s important to stay on your probation officers good side and complete the terms of your probation as quickly as possible.

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